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Ophir Cottage

Dear little house that has been home
All my life, I must leave you soon,
Forever. You may be shabby
Small, built of orange brick and tile
But you are also warm and safe,
The place where those who loved me lived.
But they have died and I am left
Alone, half homeless and bereft.
I must take my share and go where
I can. Leaving the rose planted
When I was ten. The graves of pets,
The ancient ivy bound apple tree.
The shade of my childhood self may
Linger, wandering the quarter mile
To the seashore and sit and watch
Until, fleet as I never was,
It will run the glittering path
To setting sun or rising moon


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guilty guilty
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Good Friday 2012

Oh donkeys with ears like furry Easter Lilies,
Grazing by the road,
Don’t you know what day this is?
The sacred load
You bore two thousand years ago
Was crucified this day
For him you bear the sign of the cross
Across your backs
How could such a small beast
Bear such a burden?
You seem too frail
To carry a child
How could your bear
The one who bore the sorrows of the world?
Yet you bore the one who bore him
And you carried him to triumph
On the path that led to death
In Jerusalem. Now you graze
The roadside. As unheeding
As those He died for.


* * *
Now I try to
Write a poem
But I find it
Really hard
When I find the
prompt is music
fitting words
into bars
If it wasn’t
For the challenge
I woud sit here
Drinking wine
But I am too
Bloody minded
Even if I’m
Wasting time.
Better write
One more stanza
Lest they think
I haven’t tried
Even though
This silly poem
Nearly made me
Lose my mind.
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frustrated frustrated
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Marriage is a foreign place
Alone I walk the paths I take
No hand to hold, no vow to make
No orange blossom, tulle or lace.

Though Wedlock is a holy land
No anchorite is welcome there -
Admittance only to the pair
United by a golden band

My pilgrim soul will find its home,
As bird its nest and wolf its lair.
Through forest shade, ‘neath cliffs of stone,
The lanes of Freedom I shall roam
And solitary, soujourn where
It is not lonely to be lone


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In the summertime when the weather's high,
you can stretch right up and touch the sky,
when the weather's fine,
you got exams, you got exams on your mind.
Have a think, and revise,
Make notes and have keypoints underlined.

We're the girly swots, we're not dirty, we're not mean.
We love books and we don’t do anything.
When the weather's fine
We get sunburn and stay in the library.
We're always nerdy,
Life's for reading about, that's our philosophy.

Sing along with us, dee-dee-dee-dee-dee.
Da-da-da-da-da...Yeah, we're really geeky,

When the winter's here, then it's reading time.
Bring your study notes and a highlighter pen.
It'll soon be summertime, and examinations again,
We'll go revising or maybe we’ll write an essay.
If we work, and practise,
Study really hard and we'll all get a grade A
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Just discovered this and thought it would be a good discipline. A new day a new verse form. Never even heard of a triolet before. Suppose that is bad for a Literature graduate.

So this was inspired by a face book picture.

To Mary's cat.

The black cat walks on shadow paws
A bane to mice: a God to Kings!
Silent footfall on wooden floors,
The black cat walks on shadow paws,
Blurring motion on velveted claws.
As balrogs fly on shadow wings
The black cat walks on shadow paws
A bane to mice: a God to Kings!


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curious curious
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A whole two inches. It was great to see kids and dogs playing on the cliffs and making snowmen. Took me back the decades to when I was very young and we used to vet this every year...

Tuesday night I crawled back from Lymmers inthe sleet to beat the work traffic and did a shop at Tesco to make sure we didn't have to go out having called my blind neighbour to see if she needed anything, then went home, located shovel and broom from garage and put in porch and waited. Next morning just a sprinkle of snow... was wondering what the fuss had been about (though I had to clear huge lumps of ice from my wheel arches) and the snow arrived. Visted neighbour walked to post offince catching snowflakes on my tongue and feeling my shoe size not my age! Later went up and took pictures on the cliffs. Fell over on the way fortunately on to well padded arse. Came home .. cleared path outside house - something everyone used to do in the old days. I know we have a lot of oldies here but I couldn't believe I was the only one to bother. It only took a few minutes.

I fell again going to the paper shop and the snow is now sheet ice in parts. I was safer driving here to the library because it is so quiet and once got the half mile to the main drag the roads are clear. Pavements are not!!! I need ot dig out my walking boots as the fake UGGS are cosy but not grippy enough...

Suppose I shouldn't really have come out but I have missed out on a work assignment to someone who lived closer so was a bit fed up. Going to get some circular needles and make a swallows and amazon cap... :D Also more salt.... in cash we get more snow. It kept the path clear last night when it was really parky.
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